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Hi my name is Kristen. This is my blog where I talk about my feelings about losing weight and just in general getting fit - offering tips and tricks i've learned and please PLEASE if you have any of your own just. Hit me up and gimme gimme gimme!

Officially have lost my first pound! Not a big milestone, I know I just felt like bragging.

I started two days ago at 158.8 and now i’m 157.3

it’s just a good feeling and it definitely has me motivated. i got my Rx for Adipex/Phentermine so I’m gonna be able to work out today I’m really excited!! Think I’m going to focus on Wii Fit things today though, like light cardio (the hooping game is REALLY good) and yoga/toning. I’ll definitely do at least 30 minutes of cardio though.

Gosh I really want to get a bellydancing DVD :(

xomiamoore Asked:
omg noooo don't do special k shakes if you want to be healthy at all

My answer:

those are usually the only things my stomach can handle in the mornings or certain times of the day because i take so much stuff that messes up my stomach ): but i am going to start doing a whole foods diet when i start up making bentos again! i just need to get to the point where things don’t hurt to eat right now.

I’m not really one of those to stick to a diet, so what i’ve come up with is kind of bare bones and i’ll work from there:

  • Eat less food PERIOD! No more full sandwiches, half a sandwich and a big glass of water
  • NO MORE SODA! At most one or two cokes from sonic a WEEK until I can go without them for good
  • Special K Protein Shake meal replacement for 1 to 2 meals a day
  • Handful of a nut mix for snacks - almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and pistachios
  • Get back into making bentos! Especially once I move out it’ll be easier - i can prepare large portions of things and refrigerate/freeze portions of it for later. Though I might switch quinoa or other healthier grains for rice unless i make onigiri
  • Eggs when I don’t feel like a protein shake. Protein is metabolism’s best friend.
  • Roast/pan sear lots of vegetables for snacks too! Keep them refrigerated in portions - though those are like the best things for you too
  • Eat lots of fruits as well
  • Avoid breads and pastas and potatoes

I’m also gonna ask my doctor about going back on Phentermine for energy to work out because that’s the worst part. I just got very exhausted today when working out and it never went away. I just need a boost, and it helps curb your appetite.

For the longest time I was on Seroquel which made me gain 30+ lbs in less than a year because the only thing that made me feel good was eating. I was a zombie and it was awful, so eating has become sort of a comfort habit. If i have something like that to help curb my hunger and also give me energy, then I’m gonna do it. It’s so much safer than OTC diet aids as well.

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Gonna do my first work out in a long time! wish me luck! i’m starting out easy since it’s been a long time and i’m horribly out of shape, but this is what i’m planning:

  • 10-15 minutes walking on an incline
  • 15 minutes cardio on Wii Fit (hula hooping, step aerobic, and boxing)
  • 15 minutes toning/yoga on Wii Fit

Let’s see how much of it I actually get done!! I’m gonna get rid of the calories burned option i have set on there because something about that seems kind of unhealthy to me. I’m not doing this to burn calories, I’m doing this to get in shape right now. 

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Bust: 35
Waist: 33
Hips: 42-43
Weight: 158 lbs 

Want to get my waist down to 30! That’s my goal. And I’d LIKE to get to 150 for my first milestone then make it down to 140! :) 

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Hey guys
I’m jumping on the bandwagon